Curry Curcuma Rice

A delicious meal (Curry Curcuma Rice)Made with some delicious ingredients Tumeric Onion, Vegetable Spice Chicken broth, Pepper ginger, Salt, Curry Laurel, and Long grain. Turmeric, Onion, Vegetable spice Chicken broth, Ginger pepper, Salt, Curry, Long grain rice. Tear open loot at the notch Place the desired amount in a bowl. Bring enough water to a […]

Magic Jollof Rice

Special recipe: Tear open loot at the notch Place the desired amount in a bowl. Bring enough water to the boil, add a little oil. Pour in the magic rice and simmer for about 20 minutes. Good Appetite!!

Attiéké Poisson, Alloco

Ingredients 4 sachets of AttiékéPlantains (as many as you want)Fish (as much as you want)10 Tomatoes (depending on size)3 OnionsFresh green peppers1/2 liter of oil (for frying and tomato juice)Salt (according to your taste, but not too much)1 cube2 cloves of garlicA few basil leaves3 to 4 fresh red peppers1 small bowl of flour Steps1. […]

All the crunchy

Any of Fried/Roasted/Grilled–beef, fish, shrimp, kilishi, and suya. Cookies like chin-chin, biscuit, kuli-kuli, or any crunchy that wouldn’t muddle the taste of gari the way you like it would be an excellent addition. How you eat the combo is totally up to you. One thing is certain, there will be crunchiness on one side and […]

Gari and soup (Eba)

This classic Nigerian swallow dish showcases how incredibly gari can transition from a light appetite-soothing meal to a heavy one. How to make eba: You can make eba using these two simple steps. Bring water to a boil in a large pot.Sprinkle in the gari and cook–stirring constantly until it becomes a paste similar to […]


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